Today we announce an engagement of Paris and Juliet. The wedding will be at noon on Thursday at the Friars church and they will be married by the Friar. I have asked some of the family members what they think about the marriage thats going to happen between Paris and Juliet. I asked Lady Capulet what she thinks and she told me that she disagrees with this marriage because there to young to get married. I then asked Capulet and he said "I agree Juliet should get married to young Paris".

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Im announcing that the beautiful Romeo and Juliet have got engaged. They have planned to get secretly married by the friar in his sell.No one is invited to partake in the wedding. I have asked the Capulets what they thought about the wedding and engagement. I have also asked the Montague's what they thought to, they both had the same response that it will not happen.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I think that the Capulets are the worst people in the world. These people or other known as the Capulets are quick temperede people, like there family member Tybalt. Their not very understanding of what is happening around them and just assume things.When that happens they all just jump in and act on what they saw and go from there. For example the fight in the street all the Capulets just jump in, because they thought a Montague was going to fight the servants making it unfair.
                                                                                                          William DeVries

Monday, March 3, 2014

Friar Laurence who is this man?
Friar Laurence was the person of intrest this week in Verona. I had asked some of the people that friquently visit the Friar. I asked Romeo and Juliet and they said that the Friar is much help to their town in many ways. I also went to Paris soon to be Juliet's husband to ask why does he think the Friar is so important to the community of Verona. He said "he is very important to our community because if we didn't have him we would have no one to confuse to or marry people".

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fight Brakes Out
Fights have broken out in the streets of Verona between the Capulets and Montagues.I go to one of the Montague's servants to ask about the fight that broke out today. I have asked one of the servants what started the fight and he said "one of the Capulets servant was bitting his thumb at me"also is friend. Then it had quickly escalated and then we quickly drew our swords and began to fight each other. Then he said we were fighting and the citizens got upset and the officers to and they came in and it was one big fight. One of are kinsman named Benvolio came and tried to stop it to but was fought by one of the Montagues named Tybalt because he thought Benvolio was going to fight. Then Montague and Capulet entered and got in on the fight to, for a short time then Prince arrives and stops every thing with  proclaiming death penalty's.